Tequila: a growing magic town

Originally Tequila was a town with an industrial and agricultural tradition, that has been favored with initiatives and a notorious development during the last 15 years. Many important investments have been made, both from the government and private sector, and among them, those that the Beckmann family have made with the objective of becoming from a merely tequila producer town, to a Magic Town and the most important Smart City in Mexico, preserving all its rural and patrimonial elements; a huge challenge indeed.

Rurality is good, pretty and attractive to those living in cities, as long as it integrates all models of service, quality, technology and amenities, but we are also including a very important element that is Tequila’s aspiration to be a cultural destination. This implies working so much in the creative industries, in all branches and in all disciplines of art, music and gastronomy, which is also a creative discipline.

Mundo Cuervo, which celebrated 15 years this 2018, is a clear example of this vision: it is a sustainable development model, because generates jobs, brings economic spill and supports the Región Valles growth. Indicators are very important, as you can clearly see the growth since this destination initiated in 2003 until today, the local development has been given to all population.

This has been benefic to the destination, Tequila is having a touristic vocation and already is a very important place to visit that is earning a place among nationals and recognition at an international level, not only because of its produce, but also as a destination due to the richness of this land, its hospitality and everything it has to offer around the tequila.

We are more than a drink, we are gastronomy, we are music, we are history, we are tradition, and something priceless: we are intangible values of the national heritage.

…Tequila is having a touristic vocation and already is a very important place to visit.

Tequila’s growth indicators

Restaurants Hotels Rooms per night Average stay Factories offering tours Average expense per visitor Trolleys Tourist employment generated
2003 2 1 30 4 hours 2 120 1 477
2016 36 18 374 1.4 days 10 630 8 3,592
% growth
1.700% 1.700% 1.147% 725% 400% 425% 700% 653%
2018 56 20 442 2.3 days 10 840 13 5,300
% growth
56% 11% 18% 67% 0% 33% 63% 48%
Tequila's growth Tequila's growth

Commitment to sustainability

During the Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, it was approved an agenda containing 17 goals of universal application that govern the efforts of more than 150 countries to achieve a sustainable world by 2030. It is acknowledged that initiatives to promote prosperity must go in hand with strategies that favor not only the economic growth, but also address needs such as education, health, social protection and job opportunities, while battling climate change and promote environmental protection.1

Beckmann Foundation seeks to be part of the decisions and actions that affect both our region and the national and world environments. We agree about that we need to be aligned to reach these goals, and because of that we want to add and build, hand in hand with all those involved, government, private sector, civil organizations and the community, forming strategic alliances that add up and strengthen the development.

Our purpose is to get close to the community and understand their needs, so we can provide tools, training, education and support. Because there is still so much left to do, we want them to be able to keep going and stay through time along with their families.

Local initiatives and Sustainable Development Goals alignment

With the Sustainable Community Development Model we are working with, through our initiatives, programs and activities, we align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and stand firm to our mission of raising the quality of life of those communities where Mundo Cuervo’s operations are settled.


  1. Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center (SDG: 11)
  2. Music School (SDG: 4/11)
  3. Beckmann Foundation Choir (SDG: 4/11)
  4. XIV Festival and Academy of Tequila 2018 (SDG: 4/11/17)
  5. 1st. Cuervo-Petrof international piano contest (SDG: 4/11/17)
  6. Opera Studio Beckmann (SDG: 4/11)
  7. Art and painting workshop (SDG: 4)


  1. Virtual Learning Community Center-Tec de Monterrey (SDG: 4/8/11/17)
  2. Professional Application Projects (PAP) (SDG: 4/8/17)
  3. El Chiquihuitillo ranch (SDG: 8/11)
  4. La cocina de Evalia Rivera- Traditional gastronomy of Tequila (SDG: 8/11)
  5. Mitlán embroiderers (SDG: 8/11)
  6. Glass artisan women (SDG: 8/11)
  7. Agave artisans (SDG: 8/11)
  8. Agave paper and bookbinding (SDG: 4/8/11/17)
  9. Leather goods workshop with Tec de Monterrey (SDG: 4/8/11/17)
  10. Plum festival – 20 years+ (SDG: 8/11)
  11. Mushroom festival – 20 years+ (SDG: 4/11/15/17)
  12. Stave art – 20 years+ (SDG: 8/11)
  13. Tasting with a cause (SDG: 4/8)
  14. Conference: Cultural and creative tourism opportunities (SDG: 8/11)
  15. Design Thinking Workshop for service and hospitality (SDG: 9)
  16. Tequila cultural richness - 20 years+ (SDG: 11)
  17. Panza llena, corazón contento workshop – 20 years+ (SDG: 11)
  18. Fogones y Metates – 20 years+ (SDG: 11)
  19. Day of the dead and Bread festivals – 20 years+ (SDG: 11)


  1. Preventive education (SDG: 3 /4/11)
  2. POSIT diagnosis test (SDG: 3/4)
  3. Workshops (SDG: 3/4/11)
  4. Permanent psychological orientation (SDG: 3/4)
  5. Zero alcohol in minors and responsibility for the consumption of alcoholic beverages campaign (SDG: 3 /12)
  6. Sexual education campaign (SDG: 3/5)
  7. Parent school (SDG: 3/4/5)
  8. Improvement route (SDG: 4/8)
  9. Reading gathering (SDG: 4/17)
  10. Fast reading course (SDG: 4/17)
  11. Math course (SDG: 4/17)
  12. Academic excellence (SDG: 4)
  13. Formative workshops for teachers (SDG: 4/8)
  14. 2nd Math Congress (SDG: 4/8)
  15. Meetings with principals and teachers technical board (SDG: 4/17)
  16. Teacher’s day celebration (SDG: 4/8)
  17. Educational activities with internal staff (SDG: 3/12/17)


  1. Liaison offices (SDG: 3/5/10/16/17)
  2. VIFAC (SDG: 3/10/17)
  3. UAM (SDG: 3/5/10/16/17)
  4. ANSPAC (SDG: 3/5/17)
  5. Support to FOVAL project (SDG: 3/5/17)
  6. Agustín Velázquez nursing home (SDG: 3/10)
  7. Giving over houses for victims (SDG: 3/10/11)
  8. Emerging supports (SDG: 3/10/11)
  9. Philanthropy committee (SDG: 3/10/13)
  10. Sponsor a child and Adopt an elder (SDG: 3/10)
  11. Golden years (SDG: 3/10)
  12. There are no limits when it comes to dreaming conference (SDG: 5/8)
  13. Book presentation: Maratón, by Jorge Cuevas (SDG: 5/8)
  14. International women’s day: conference How to be a fulfilled woman? (SDG: 5/10)
  15. Juntas somos campaign – 20 years+ (SDG: 5/10)
  16. Bird mapping project (SDG: 6/11/12/13/15/17)
  17. Sustainable housing (SDG: 9/11/13/17)
  18. Reforestation campaign (SDG: 11/13/15)
  19. Recycling – CIDIGLO (SDG: 9/11/13/17)

Working under an integral model

T hrough the Sustainable Community Development Model, the community empowerment and the assessment of all its richness are achieved. Many times the outside is imitated, while the inside has an invaluable heritage in risk of getting lost. This model proposal is that tequilenses consider tourism as a great opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Mundo Cuervo is producing jobs, attracting economic spill, and it understands that Tequila has a touristic vocation. We want the community to understand it as well and appreciate the great potential of everything that Mundo Cuervo does. We are here to help them to improve it, professionalize it, and make it face tourism. This heritage, tangible as well as intangible, is a great richness simply because you can’t find it anywhere else.

All this effort is made to assure that all resources remain through time and families can move forward against any circumstance. Building a sustainable structure looks for savings, efficiency, environment care, education promotion, social strengthening and considers all processes. And in the end what does it seeks? people’s wellness.

Our current model is conformed of four strategic lines deeply related between them: culture, training for work, education y social. And we rely on three strategic supports: communication, continuous improvement (transparency, ISO 9001:2015, quality management systems) and territorial-social marketing.

Sustainable Community Development Model

Sustainable Community Development Model Sustainable Community Development Model

Our vision

This pyramid is paramount to understand our vision and its bond with our groups of interest. It allows us to see in perspective which are our main objectives of each area and what are the elements that supports us. This strategy is designed from a social marketing vision that allows us to have clarity about our mission, our values and the path to follow.

2018 Vision Pyramid 2018 Vision Pyramid

Quality philosophy

Coupled with the strategic lines that make up the Sustainable Community Development Model, we work with three functional modules that supports us whatever be the initiative we carry out. Each one of these supports fulfills a specific objective, and through them we guarantee the achievement of goals with efficiency, solidity and transparency.

Strategic supports

Strategic supports Strategic supports