Strategic supports

_Aspire every time to bigger things, because this land deserves it. Always with the desire to give ourselves to others!.

Dr. Roberto Delgado Gallart

At Beckmann Foundation we always work under a philosophy of quality, behind all our achievements there is a constant effort and a vision of growth, because we are following the steps of 10 generations with this philanthropic spirit, which precede us in this great mission.

We want to work with the people of Tequila to become one of the most important cultural destinations in the country, an intelligent magical town, be part of the agave landscape and be the heart of the tequila route. We are aware that it is a great challenge, so we are continuously improving our processes, conducting intensive research on our territory, designing inclusion strategies according to the needs and the transformation of the population, and seeking communication at all levels, to keep all the stakeholders informed and, above all, to be a support pillar.

…behind all our achievements there is a constant effort and a vision of growth…

Mutual support

Every step we take, we do it certain that we are not alone, we know that we have the professional support of other institutions that, same as us, want to join efforts to achieve a sustainable community.

We appreciate the openness and willingness of each entity that we have approached and that today are part of our closest and most reliable network. Some of these important organizations are Cemefi (Mexican Business Center for Philanthropy); we continue supporting the development of the Región Valles through the Tequila Route, and the different media that support us with the dissemination of our initiatives, such as Expok and the Milenio newspaper on numberless occasions.

 Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía La Ruta del Tequila expok Milenio

Strategic supports

Strategic supports Strategic supports


Through communication, we seek the best dissemination channels, to reach as many people as possible in Tequila and Región Valles. Contact with the community is quite different from how it is elsewhere, here, creativity, as well as local resources, are fundamental, such as megaphone trucks, which reach all corners of the sierra, the canyon, the municipality and the different neighborhoods.

Connection with opinion leaders —priests, public servants, hotels association coordinators, restaurants, and taxis; of the Tequila Chamber of Commerce and school principals— is another indispensable channel, they are the ones who transmit the most important information to their closest circles. Communication must be effective and direct to our different interest groups, so that everything we do reaches each one of them.

Communication is extremely important for the Beckmann Foundation, it is essential to publicize our programs, our activities and, above all, the initiatives we develop and the impact they have on the Tequila community.

Fundación Beckmann's Mural Fundación Beckmann's Mural

Action tools

For an optimal result, we combine local dissemination actions with innovative communication strategies, the production of graphic material, generation of contents according to each group, and the use of different media and social networks, are some of them. When necessary, we design our own channels:

  • Web page. Is one of our main tools, we keep general information about the Foundation, updates of our programs, happens about the region, as well as a space for news and our activities calendar.
  • Newsletters. Contains information about our activities, topics of interest and news for the entire community. We deliver them in person to the opinion leaders of the Tequila community; to each and every one, where we know communication can be greater. To extend the reach, this information is also sent to a distribution list by email and the topics are updated in our blog.
  • External publications. Periodically we share the results of our work in Expok, a communication space aimed to all opinion leaders of socially responsible companies.
  • Design and contents. All our initiatives are supported by graphic material and content that is attractive and assertive, such as posters, workbooks and publications on social networks, among others.

Territorial and social marketing

Not all people realize the goodness of our territory, because never before had it been considered an intangible heritage. We take a step forward in the design of our work models that contemplate a holistic vision: Tequila is everything, its land, its people, its traditions and its potential.

The perspective is to address the needs of the community from the territorial marketing point of view, that is, our development actions look at the conservation and dissemination of cultural and natural heritage, to execute sustainable local planning, leading to an increase in quality of life, reinforcing and sustaining Tequila as a destination.

  • Analysis and diagnosis of Territorial and social life of Tequila through the seasons: local production, celebrations, traditions.
  • Territorial strategic plan: where the regional lifestyle is of the highest importance, it has multiple expressions during the year. We join this dynamic through developing the calendar of events, with the aim, on the one hand, of rescuing and preserving these expressions, but also of empowering them before the touristic vocation of Tequila.
  • Dissemination and advertising of the territory: we work hand in hand with the initiatives of the population itself, we monitor and are up to date with what is happening in the region to complement our objectives and goals.
  • Strengthening alliances: to maintain constant communication with the different initiatives that Tequila, as a magical town, has. A few examples are the Ruta del Tequila, City Council and CODIT (Council for Integral Development of Tequila) projects, among others.
Marketing territorial y social Marketing territorial y social

Continuous improvement

We are deeply committed to continuous improvement, the development of programs and the design of social projects. These actions allow us to be efficient, offer a better service to our users and to the Tequila community, always desiring to give the best.

Through ISO-9001: 2015 we backup our work, under processes and models that ensure the quality of the service we offer, and allow us to have transparency and reliability both inside and outside the Foundation.

Internally, with training and education for collaborators; improving the processes and having administrative clarity and transparency.

Outwardly, researching incessantly, monitoring with indicators to know with certainty what our community wants and needs, how it perceives us, because based on that, we implement corrective or improvement actions.

This year we are proud to have received an honorary mention from the CEMEFI (Mexican Center for Philanthropy), the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico, AliaRSE, and Forum Empresa, as a result of the analysis conducted by the Technical Evaluation Committee, within the category Engaging the company with the community.

Continuous improvement Continuous improvement

Peoble benefited in 2018

Strategic line People benefited in 2018
Education 18,436
Social 10,572
Training for work 3,782
Culture 5,981
Total 38,771

Comparison of people benefited 2016-2017-2018

Strategic line People benefited in 2016 People benefited in 2017 Growth % 2016-2017 People benefited in 2017 People benefited in 2018 Growoth % 2017-2018
Education 14,045 15,952 13.58% 15,952 18,436 16%
Social 5,629 9,708 72.46% 9,708 10,572 9%
Training for work 628 840 33.76% 840 3,782 350%
Culture 2,988 3,375 12.95% 3,375 5,981 77%
Total 23,290 29,875 28.27% 29,875 38,771 30%