strategic line

_Strengthen the interest in the culture and history of our country is a priority need, to make education positively transform our nation; it is my wish that the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center be a legacy for Mexico and the world.

Don Juan Beckmann Vidal

To Beckmann Foundation culture is a fundamental value, we firmly believe that having access and opportunities to interact with the different manifestations of art strengthen identity and sensitizes the community.

The great commitment is give back to Tequila what Tequila has given to this great company, for what we want to contribute to the comprehensive development of its population. Through culture not only we want to bring the best artists closer, but that local talent have the opportunity to study with great teachers from all around the world, that they discover their creative capacity and become professionals.

We are convinced that Tequila has much more to offer than a product, because Tequila comes from our pre-hispanic forefathers, it has history, it has legend, it is related with gastronomy, with music, with art. We have everything around us, a great heritage of which never has been talked about before, we are a destination with an identity, wishing to become the cultural heart of Mexico.

We are convinced that Tequila has much more to offer than a product…


This strategic line works and offers classes for all the community: children, youths, adults and families. The training opportunities are at reach for everyone.

The advantages of this effort are not only for those who assist to the school of music, or the next project we are preparing for art initiation, but for all the population and visitors that in each corner can enjoy spaces designed to appreciate art and entertainment of the highest quality.

Cultural corridor

Cultural corridor Cultural corridor


We are creating a legacy in Tequila where you can live “mexicanity”, where history is preserved, where culture is transmitted like never before, to sensitize, that people generates new ways of thinking. We want to support Tequila to be one of the bests touristic and cultural destinations in Mexico, to the world.

The creation of the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center is the result of this whole vision, that will allow expose and share the enormous cultural and patrimonial heritage that has been recollected through the years, just like the Reserva de la Familia collection, which has many works of art that have been captured in bottles. We have also supported cinema and many emerging artists, however, the greatest scope is to generate a context and help to people really see it, live it and become empowered.

We are working to have another cultural venue to offer all the facilities, the highest technology, ambience and comfort. That’s why the Foro Jose Cuervo will become Plácido Domingo Theatre, after the renowned artist whom already have made the honor of placing the first stone, and that will be a place where we will have great events, concerts, theatre plays, ballets from around the world and that can be proudly performed in Tequila; this place, said by the tenor himself, is for the youth.

Among the gestating projects that will initiate in 2019 is the Arts initiation school, where the young ones will be able to find another artistic expression like dancing, painting or theatre; and the Visionary bridge, a space where will be able to appreciate the life and work of those visionaries that not only have contributed to the Jose Cuervo Company, but also have inspired us: “In Cuervo we will reach up to the limit of the vision our leaders have”.

Plácido Domingo with students from the Tequila's Music School Plácido Domingo with students from the Tequila's Music School


The project of converting Tequila in the best cultural destination of Mexico couldn’t become a reality without the conjoint work with another organizations that supports us and add great value due to their experience, their track record and reputation.

We continuously work with the University of Colima, the University of Morelia, and we have received the support of teachers from the TEC de Monterrey, Julliard and Covent Garden, among others. Bonds have been set with several universities, so local students who are ready and have interest in pursuing a career in arts or music, find an academic offer to go and develop it.

With this cultural complex we want to bond with great institutions and museums, mainly in the Jalisco region, but also at an international level; to have exchange of exhibits, offer residences for artists, a strengthening of cultural experiences.

Bonding organizations Bonding organizations

A story of inspiration

14 consecutive years of amazement: Festival and Academy of Tequila

One of our great achievements on the cultural field, through the music school and both national and international bonds we have established, is the Festival and Academy of Tequila, in which our main motor is that students discover they have this creative capacity and talent.

During 14 consecutive years, the young musicians of our region have gathered to participate in clinics imparted by great teachers and important artists, whom advise them and help them to improve in different genres and disciplines. Thanks to these workshops, the participants have achieved interpretations in various languages like German and Italian, as well as getting familiar with various genres as opera and operetta.

As a closure for this working days, all together present a show of international statue in which can be admired the effort and enthusiasm of both students and teachers. An unforgettable event that year after year fills with magic and inspiration the whole region.

This demonstrates the capacity and talent available in the region, and we hope that in the future we can also have artists from outside Tequila, that an artist’s villa be created, where a cultural exchange arises; this will be a reality to enlarge the intellectual strengthening, the disciplines and that art becomes a banner in the community.

«A promise fulfilled»

Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo

With a stately air that reminds splendorous times, its impeccable architecture and luxury finishes reflect the interest for keeping alive the details that praise the work made by Mexican hands: ceilings, murals, quarry, carpentry, floors, ironwork, luminaire. In these hallways, ancient art and leading-edge technology are intertwined to offer its visitors a memorable experience.

The Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center is a matter of pride, not only because of the legacy it represents or the collections it hosts, but also because above all has been faithful to the family and the Foundation’s vision of encouraging the development of the community. Throughout its construction, local workers were hired, being this project a source of income to the Tequila families.

Hand in hand with these actions and concerned about keeping our responsibility to the environment, it was considered the need to create a sustainable building, which not only has solar panels and a wastewater treatment plant, but also gardens designed with more than 3,000 plants of different species as well as respecting the ageless trees already in the surroundings, in order to contribute to a cleaner air and a more harmonious space.

Don Juan Beckmann Vidal’s wish is now a reality beginning to take shape, to share the magic of our culture, our art and beginning to write stories. By knowing the essence of this place, you can feel the pride for Mexico born from Tequila, Jalisco.

Local initiatives and SDG alignment

On last December, Don Juan Beckmann Vidal presented the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center to the community and to his family, in honor of his father to whom made the promise of continue working for Tequila.

Carroza exhibida en el CCJBG Silla de montar exhibida en el CCJBG Pasillo principal del CCJBG

A story about trust

A soprano that changes course in Tequila: Ariadna Rosales López

Proudly born in Tequila, Jalisco, her first approach to music was during the Tequila choir auditions. Everything changed when she was notified that she was selected. What started as a hobby, little by little became more serious.

Not only she discovered she belongs to something very important, but also how her voice converged with others. In the choir she found the confidence to believe that life in music can be a reality. When she didn’t know someone can live professionally from music, she got advice to study in the University of Guadalajara and later on in Mazatlán, a Bachelor in Music.

“I can only be nothing but grateful, if I didn’t get to know the choir, if I had not decided change my course, I don’t know where I would be right now. I am so pleased by the commitment on these projects because they not only change your perspective, they change everything in you, they make you more sensitive to music, and to other people.”

Ariadna currently offers concerts, but always comes back to the choir to share what she learns, because she sees in her partners her same love for music and the curiosity for wanting to know more. At the Beckmann Foundation Choir, she understood that people can dedicate to what they are passionate about.

Talent development

Escuela de música

By supporting the comprehensive development of the children and youth of Tequila, we seek to complement their studies by getting them close to music through singing lessons, choir, opera, strings orchestra, symphonic band, mariachi, percussions or musical theatre. With the support of important teachers who are great orchestra or music directors, we offer basic courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Through the school of music and with the support of the Beckmann Foundation, those students that have demonstrated an extraordinary talent, have been able to get scholarships in other music schools to continue their education and development in more professional manner.

The school is run by the director Benito Rodríguez, who was a student himself at this school and actually is an international level opera singer. The doors are open to anyone who would like to receive this training.

Workshops Weekly hours Teachers Students per workshop
Children’s choir 8 1 43
Adult choir 12 1 30
Beginner violin and viola 4 1 20
Advanced violin 4 1 15
Guitar 8 1 41
Guitar assembly 4 1 12
Cello 4 1 10
African percussions 4 1 29
Mariachi 8 1 12
Symphonic band 8 1 20
Corporal expression 4 1 48
Total students enrolled by October 1st.
Solfège 8* 1** 118
English 10 1 60***
Google 4 1 36****

* To all the instruments students.

** Violin, guitar, cello, guitar assembly, mariachi, symphonic band.

*** Scholarship students from the school of music.

**** Scholarship students from the school of music.

Concept Totals
Teachers 16
Students 328
Workshops 16
Hours per week 94
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

Beckmann Foundation Choir

It is conformed by the same inhabitants of the community, is a motive of pride and satisfaction for everyone. They have shared the stage with great musical celebrities and they are gaining acknowledgment both in local as well as national presentations.

The Beckman Foundation’s music school choir have carried out several presentations through the year in many different places.

Coro Fundación Beckmann Coro Fundación Beckmann
Event Date
Concert for the 20th anniversary of Beckmann Foundation 28/February
Cuervo-Petrof piano contest 16/March
Childrens Day Disney Concert 30/April
Operetta "Verbena de la Paloma" 09/June
Mexican Gala in Foro Cuervo 10/June
Operettaa "La verbena de la paloma" 07/July
Composition course 27/July
Concert "Cuentos de peregrinación" 12/September
Mozart’s Requiem in TEC de Monterrey
Guadalajara campus
Mozart’s Requiem in Hacienda La Calavera in El Arenal 31/October
Day of the Dead Festival 02/November
Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center Opening 01/December
Patronal Feast Concert 04/December
Christmas Concert in Foro Cuervo 07/December
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

A story about pride

The dream come true: Sergio Darío González

His story with music starts with the creation of the Foundation’s Choir, when there was nothing like it in Tequila, and he saw the callings for professional singing. He was selected and began his training until the Foundation awarded him with a two-year scholarship for an international opera course in Saltillo. This granted him a vision of what a professional singer is.

He entered engineering school because of the fear of not being able to develop professionally in music, although that was his longing. He dropped engineering and started a degree in music, with a specialty in operatic singing, in the University of Colima. This was what really made him happy, he made it to become part of the choir and was selected as the tenors head voice.

Although he was away, he frequently participated in events in Tequila, because the choir has always been very special to him, so much that after he graduated began to work in the music school. In 2016 he had the opportunity to direct the Beckman Foundation Choir, position he is still performing today with enthusiasm, and where he guides and encourages new generations to follow their dreams of becoming professional musicians.

XIV Festival and Academy of Tequila 2018

Academia y Festival de Música de Tequila

This year, within the festival’s program where included master classes with international teachers. At the end, two plays where performed: La verbena de la paloma and Gala mexicana.

  • 2 plays: La verbena de la paloma and Gala mexicana
  • 1,500 attendees
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Gala Mexicana Gala Mexicana

1st Cuervo-Petrof international piano contest

With the purpose of promoting piano excellence among the children and youth of Mexico and the world, it was carried out the 1st international piano contest in the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center, in Tequila.

In alliance with the renowned company from the Czech Republic that makes such pianos, this initiative had two previous and successful editions of the International Music Academy of Tequila (2015 and 2016).

The contest called for pianists up to 24 years old, who competed in four categories: debut (up to 10 years old), junior (from 10 to 13 years old), intermediate (14 to 17 years old) and advanced (18 to 24 years old). With this event, Beckmann Foundation and Petrof Pianos seek to bolster the young musical talents and offer them a professional platform to acquire experience and improve their interpretative level.

Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Participante del concurso de piano Participante del concurso de piano
Ganadores del concurso de piano Ganadores del concurso de piano

Music unites us

Opera Studio | Beckmann

It is created by request of the Beckmann family, who seeks to give back to Tequila and share with the world cultural and natural richness of the Mexican agave zone.

This Magic Town is considered today as the best center for vocal training in Mexico central region, seeking that our artists have an international projection, giving them the basis and support so they can have a professional career in the world.

We know music can transform lives and we want every Mexican have the chance to enjoy this beautiful art and witness how music unites and helps to transcend borders.

  • 1 call
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Opera Studio | Beckmann Opera Studio | Beckmann

Art and painting workshop

The art workshops offered by the Foundation are a dynamic and unifying activity, with a potential role in the education of our children. Drawing, painting and design are abilities that children can use to develop communication capabilities, both internal and with their environment.

  • 23 participating children
  • 1 and a half month duration
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Taller de arte y pintura Taller de arte y pintura

Culture Strategic Line
Indicators Summary

Program Impact
Juan Beckmann Cultural Center 3,230 visitors
Music school 328 alumni
Choir presentations 900 attendees
XIV Festival and Academy of Tequila 2018 1,500 attendees
Art and painting workshops 23 participating children
Total 5,981 people