strategic line

_Tequila has everything to be a national model: cultural wealth, traditions and, above all, its people.

My family and I love this land.

Sra. Doris Legorreta de Beckmann

Being a bond or a bridge for the population of Tequila in vulnerability situation, we focus our efforts in the medical, psychological, mental, emotional and economic areas. We empower women and girls by creating a support network, which benefit reaches out to all family members.

We welcome people to feel a comfortable, respectful and trusting environment when exposing their situation, however simple or delicate it may be. The support specializes in social work, above all legal and psychological issues, through a care office with availability of hours.

We work with professionals under a systemic approach, seriously and openly posing the situation of each individual, and focused on providing tools that allow self-diagnosis, empowerment and help them develop a fulfilled life with themselves and their environment.

We welcome people to feel a comfortable, respectful and trusting environment…


The intervention proposal that is defined through the social strategic line, is to promote a professional support model in the psychological, housing and environmental areas, to awareness people about the needs of their locality and how altogether, each problem or situation, can be solved as they come.

Our goal is that through a comprehensive work model, useful tools would be provided, so when executing the projects, these can have a significant impact on the life of the population, understanding that the final meaning and value acquired, will depend on their own will when facing the situation.

Social Integral Model
Social Integral Model Social Integral Model


The beneficiaries of this strategic line become agents that generate change in the society of Tequila, all the inhabitants are invited to attend, but the main focus is on vulnerable people or at risk, such as children, seniors and women, through which all members of the family system benefit.

Beneficiarios Beneficiarios Beneficiarios Beneficiarios Beneficiarios Beneficiarios

Joint work

All the needs solved through the strategic social line, share an important alliance with different institutions, as well as with municipalities and the civil society.

  • Red Cross. There is an orthopedics specialist who supports us so that the cost of operations could be much lower, always maintaining quality levels. It also has its own alliances such as the Green Cross, among other hospitals.
  • Civil hospitals. There is an alliance with social work area, channeling the inhabitants of Tequila, and in conjunction with Cáritas or the Civil Hospitals Foundation, it is intended to complement the attention or service that is needed.
Cáritas Cruz Roja Fundación Hospitales Civiles de Guadalajara, A.C.

Liaison offices

One of the main platform to provide a rapid response to the needs of the most vulnerable community of Tequila, are the work alliances we make with different institutions. Through these collaborations we can not only prevent and detect risk situations, but we also unify efforts to achieve our common goal, which is the wellbeing of the population.

Some of the organizations with which we currently have official cooperation agreements are: VIFAC (), UAM (), ANSPAC (), FOVAL ().

  • 1,372 attended users
  • 650 psychological orientations
  • 147 legal advice
  • 209 social orientations
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

VIFAC (Life and Family)

Vida y Familia A.C.

In collaboration with the association, we keep working to support pregnant women, mainly adolescents, who do not have a support network. Through VIFAC house in Guadalajara and its own program, empowers women in extreme cases and provides psychological support, should they choose for the adoption alternative.

Quantity Activity Attendees
15 Guidance on services offered by VIFAC 15
5 Support for echosonogram 5
2 Labs: general obstetric and urine culture 2
14 Child sexual abuse prevention workshops 357
Total attendees 379
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

A transcendence story

The lives we silently change: testimony of a renewed community

Every life we have been able to change is a great achievement, they are intimate and sensitive testimonies, that are documented with individual confidentiality inside the Foundation, and to the outside, are renewing the community without words. Our greatest satisfaction is the gestures of gratitude, along with the transcendental changes in each one of these people, which turn into exemplary results and are the main driving force of the actions we accomplish.

Whether permanent or emerging, supports for the most vulnerable population range from medical items and treatments, to an operation, depending on the need that is diagnosed in each person.

Case by case we create a bond of credibility and trust with this magical town, and although we make a great effort to spread the services we provide, the scope of our work and its benefits, impacts even more when the inhabitants share it from person to person among their closest circle, almost without realizing they participate as a renewed agents of change, with enthusiasm and above all, with hope.

UAM (Support Unit for Women)

For us, women play an essential role in shaping the social fabric, they have a positive impact on the education of children and young people, and on the conservation of family values.

For this reason, we work tirelessly with the UAM, where we stand to serve them. They receive psychological, legal and social work attention, depending on their personal context, usually cases associated with family violence.

  • 14 workshops for women
  • 97% satisfaction
Hours of service Activity Area


Psychological attention Psycology
Legal advice Legal
Social orientation Social work
Type of violence Area
Economic violence 171
Psychological violence 539
Sexual violence 75
Physical violence 189
Sessions Workshop name Attendees
2 Emotional intelligence 28
1 Assertive communication 10
1 Ethics in your life 10
1 Round table: study and reflection of cases 7
1 Self-image 6
1 How to educate the children? 11
1 How to deal with difficult people? 12
1 Forgiveness 10
1 Loving the man who does not love me 5
1 Good sex in bad relationships 9
1 If I suffer for you, will you love me? 8
1 The need to be needed 6
1 Let's dance 7
Total attendees 129
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

ANSPAC (National Association of Personal Development)

Asociación Personal de Superación Personal AC (ANSPAC)

Founded in Monterrey, this association counts on a group of women who attend talks where main focus is family values and human development, simultaneously they do it themselves in their own neighborhoods.

  • 27 training meetings with the coordination team
  • 40 leaders
  • 1,063 attendees to workshops and activities
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

Support for the FOVAL (Soccer with Values) Project/Grupo JB

Apoyo a proyecto Fútbol con Valores (FOVAL)

This initiative has the purpose of helping children and young people to become agents of change in their families, and to replicate it in the society of Tequila. The Beckmann Foundation offered workshops to support parents who participate in this project.

Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Workshop name Public Attendees
Emotional intelligence Teenagers 71
Emotional intelligence Parents 24
Values Teenagers 25
How to talk with my children Parents 8
My family, my best team FAmily 47
Total attendees 175
Fútbol con valores Fútbol con valores Fútbol con valores Fútbol con valores

Vulnerable population

One of the main focuses of the Beckmann Foundation is to meet the needs of the most fragile population, such as children, the elderly and women, who bring these positive changes to their families; as well as people who live in the most remote localities of the municipality and who do not have nearby services or institutions.

Población vulnerable Población vulnerable Población vulnerable Población vulnerable Población vulnerable Población vulnerable

Agustín Velázquez Medina nursing home

Casa Hogar Agustín Velázquez Medina

Medical attention, food and assistance to the elderly are provided, coordinating the visit of social service students to perform accompaniment activities. There is as well a sensitizing work to the interior of the society, with those families and schools that get involved to visit and share with them. Monthly financial aid is also provided for personal supplies, as the main purpose is to raise the quality of life of elders who do not have a support network, promoting a sense of family.

  • 16 seniors in permanent housing
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

Giving over houses for victims

Fideicomiso Proviváh

In solidarity response to the victims of September 19, 2017 earthquake in Morelos, Oaxaca and Chiapas, the community of Casa Cuervo joined efforts to raise funds and support, through the 5x1 campaign, where Jose Cuervo employees contributed. For each peso donated Jose Cuervo aported 5 additional pesos; the rest was procured through the ProViváh Trust.

This year the houses were given to the benefited families, by executives of Mundo Cuervo and Beckmann Foundation, representing all of those who joined forces for this important social contribution.

  • 67 houses
  • $2,157,911 pesos
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

Emerging supports

It favors all the inhabitants but it is mainly focused on elderly people, single mothers and children. This support consists of evaluating specific cases and applying a socioeconomic study, where their situation is assessed to determine the required medical care.

  • 67 attended people
  • 42 people benefited
  • 2 institutions
  • Donations delivered
    • 8 donations (April)
    • 14 people benefited (August)
    • 93% service satisfaction
  • Support for Tequila health sector to visit the Sierra
    • 60 medical consultations
    • 30 vaccine application
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Emerging suports Emerging suports

A story about hope

Vision for a new future: Jorge Armando Mercado

Five years ago Jorge was diagnosed with rejection of cornea tissue, as a result of a previous transplant to which he had been subjected. Slowly his vision diminished, until he could not see anything at all.

After a period dealing with this difficult situation, he approached the Foundation, where his case was evaluated, and with the support of a team of doctors it was decided to bring all the necessary means to help him. The next step was waiting together for the right donor. Jorge’s surgery was successful, and although today he is still in treatment, his eyesight slowly begins to return, simultaneously his quality of life and the activities he can perform, improve.

Like each one of these special cases, we are touched by his gratitude, but above all, being able to be part of a new future. Each person we get to help, is a hope to build a better community in Tequila.

Philanthropy committee

Corazones del Agave

Formed by Jose Cuervo company employees, who in coordination with associations and public institutions, promote different initiatives such as Sponsor a child and Adopt an elder. They also collaborate on sustainability issues, where part of the work is to inculcate care for the environment.

  • 15 members
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

Sponsor a child and Adopt an elder

Our sponsorship programs seek to guarantee the welfare and equal opportunities of minors and seniors at risk. Jose Cuervo collaborators joined the initiative to benefit children from the community. Agustín Velázquez Medina nursing home also received gifts for the elderly, who communicated their needs through Christmas letters.

  • 250 sponsored children from Josefa Ortiz neighborhood “La mula”
  • 50 sponsored children from Santa Cruz neighborhood
  • 18 elders of the Agustín Velázquez nursing home
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Niño apadrinado Niño apadrinado

Golden years

The Beckmann Foundation celebrated adults over 60 years old in an event to recognize the wisdom and legacy of Tequila. This year we homage two people who have left a legacy for our young and population: Mrs. Francis Hernández Godínez and the teacher José Roberto Sánchez Castillo, as well as the composer Alberto Escobar. It was a moment filled of emotion, affection and, above all, great recognition of their life story and the dedication they have had towards the community.

We are committed to our seniors, convinced of the major legacy they leave to us and the great recognition they deserve, we owe them gratitude for all that they have granted us, a culture of work and positive effort, an example to society and new generations.

  • 3 seniors honored
  • 1,000 attendees
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Años Dorados Años Dorados
Años Dorados Años Dorados Años Dorados Años Dorados

Women empowering: conference "There are no limits when it comes to dreaming"

María Isabel Lazo Corvera, director and founder of “Marisa”, the successful pastries chain, collaborated with a talk on how to undertake with leadership, and shared that her perseverance and positivism are factors that drove her to achieve her dreams. Up until today, she sells more than 120 thousand pieces per week, has 49 branches and generated 420 jobs.

  • 2 talks
  • 300 attendees
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Conferencia mujeres Conferencia mujeres Conferencia mujeres Conferencia mujeres

International women’s day: conference "How to be a complete woman?"

We had the participation of Adriana Corona Gil, in a very special conference, who with her unique style invited the women of Tequila to continue working for their integral formation.

The main message of this conference was that each woman could recognize her role in society, and not to play the role of victim, but of strength. A call to discover that the important is to know and love oneself, to be able to support and generate a change for everyone in their environment.

  • 868 attendees
  • 95% satisfaction
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

Youth motivation: conference Marathon, by Jorge Cuevas

At Beckmann Foundation we had the premiere of the newest book by writer and speaker Jorge Cuevas. Entitled Maratón, it promises to take us to travel 42 kilometers from Mexico City to Athens.

An endless number of tragic, ironic and funny situations, propose if the marathon that we run in life is the indicated one; as the writer makes the analogy that a marathon is not only about running like crazy 42 km (real marathon), but to analyze our lives, overcome our own demons and conquer our own being each day. It is an invitation to explore a new world and finish our marathon, regardless of the race we are dealing with.

  • 30 attendees
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Conferencia Maratón Conferencia Maratón

Campaign Juntas somos

_Behind each flower there is a story of a brave woman, a woman who despite all her surroundings is a survivor.

Women are the main engine of a community, in this event, we celebrate them along with the 20th anniversary of the Foundation, since we have worked with them hand in hand. The general objective of the project is to create a space from a psychosocial approach, which incorporates artistic and cultural expression in the awareness processes, the creation of support networks and the sorority. With this, a consciousness of gender equity and development contribution of their community were favored.

In this event, different activities focused on women were held, such as yoga classes, self-defense, entrepreneurship motivation and flower exchange. The workshop Flowers that don´t fade was one of the most impact, where the emerging artist MC Lancaster involved more than 20 women in a dynamic, in which they shared their testimonies of life. The artist motivated them by drawing each one her favorite flower and reminding them through her mural, that whatever happens the flowers do not wither.

  • 1,200 attendees
Juntas Somos
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Mural Juntas Somos Mural Juntas Somos Mural Juntas Somos Mural Juntas Somos

Support ecosystems

We work in this area as part of our corporate culture and in alignment with the sustainable development goals of the UN. Due to this concern of taking care of our environment, many of our initiatives are focused on prevention, awareness, protection and restoration to the extent that we can.

Ecosistemas de apoyo Ecosistemas de apoyo
Ecosistemas de apoyo Ecosistemas de apoyo Ecosistemas de apoyo Ecosistemas de apoyo

Bird mapping project

We are proud to collaborate, support and share a research project of the University of Guadalajara-CUCBA, in which a mapping of the Volcán de Tequila is ongoing.

All varieties of endemic and migratory birds are being seasonally identified, as they are an indicator of biological conservation. For the region, the volcano is the most important source of rainwater collection through the forest, that same water is the one taken in the subsoil for the tequila production.

  • 2 researchers
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Mapeo de aves Mapeo de aves Mapeo de aves Mapeo de aves

Sustainable housing

The first Concurso de Vivienda Social Sustentable (Sustainable Social Housing Contest) was a joint work with the Iteso University, it was an invitation to find an innovative way to use recyclable materials from the agave-tequila value chain, bottles, barrels, bagasse, and agave leaves. It is intended for this to be a replicable model for other states of the country and that they can utilize local materials, as well as new technologies and designs.

  • 103 cities of Mexico
  • 295 teams registered
  • 684 participants
  • 32 selected for the evaluation committee
  • 16 finalists

1st place CVS341 CASA CELOSÍA Ximena Lara Savage and José Luis Bárcenas Flores.

Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Vivienda sustentable Vivienda sustentable Vivienda sustentable Vivienda sustentable

Reforestation campaign

The aim is to raise consciousness and sensitize the community about the importance of taking care of the environment, to minimize the effects of climate change caused by deforestation. Information about improving ambiance is spread amongst society and they are invited to participate so they would commit, as this is not only about the sowing, but taking care of it is also required, such as watering and maintenance. In the same way, we seek to generate alliances with other institutions through sponsors or goods donors. This year we thank Vivero Atizcoa (nursery) of Grupo JB again, for their support and their contribution in the donation of trees.

  • 3 eforested places
  • 510 trees planted
  • 160 volunteers
  • More than 1,000 people benefited


Jose Cuervo Tradicional y Con el Sazón del Aagave
Place Reforested place Planted trees
Tequila, Jalisco Col. Loma Dorada 180
Col. Cofradía 180
Guadalajara, Jalisco Col. Balcones de Sta. María (EDISA) 150
Total 510
Local initiatives and SDG alignment
Campaña de reforestación Campaña de reforestación


The Consorcio de Investigación y Diálogo sobre Gobierno Local (Consortium for Research and Dialogue on Local Government), together with the Beckmann Foundation, invited entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, hotels and other establishments from Tequila, to the workshop Integrated solid waste management strategies, before the social-environmental, cultural and economic importance, to strengthen capacities, join wills and advance improvement strategies in solid waste management.

  • 30 attendees
Local initiatives and SDG alignment

indicators summary

Program Impact
Liaison offices 5,000 people benefited
Agustín Velázquez Medina nursing home 16 elders
Giving over houses for victims 67 families
Emerging supports 42 people benefited
Philanthropy committee 15 members
Sponsor a child and Adopt an elder 300 children / 18 seniors
Golden years 1,000 attendees
Conference There are no limits when it comes to dreaming 300 attendees
Youth motivation: conference Marathon 30 attendees
International Women’s Day 868 attendees
Campaign Juntas somos 1,200 attendees
Bird mapping project 2 researchers
Sustainable housing contest 684 participants
Reforestation campaign 1,000 people benefited
Recycling–CIDIGLO 30 attendees
Total 10,572 people