Strategic Supports

The work model with which we are guided, contemplates multiple and very diverse activities for the fulfillment of our objectives, in a context of permanent change. This implies deep planning in the short, medium and long term; intense internal and external organization; and a flexible operation of all of us involved.

In addition to our 4 lines of work, our structure contemplates 4 strategic supports: preventive and positive dissemination, territorial management, continuous improvement and sustainability; they provide us with the means and resources to achieve our goals, facilitate our processes and allow us to take into account all the team's collaborators.

We seek to develop and make all the necessary tools available to the community of Tequila, to achieve sustainable and sustainable growth, under fair and attractive quality schemes, preserving the identity and values that make us a magical town like no other.

Strategic Supports Strategic Supports

Mutual support

Through cooperation and team work we seek a social, economic and cultural benefit for the growth of Tequila. It is a strength to know that we have a group of people and organizations working in a committed way, adding capabilities and skills, achieving a synergy that allows us to take safe steps.

Together with the different institutions with which we participate, such as Cemefi (Mexican Center for Philanthropy) or the Tequila Route, we think about the well-being of the community and we share the same objective, we optimize resources, prevent contingencies and envision a future with better opportunities to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of the region.

Mutual support institutions

Territorial Management

It is a methodology to know and map the territory where we develop our programs, this allows the heritage and traditions of the region to be valued, mainly within the community so that its heritage is sensitized, preserved and protected.

Based on social marketing strategies, we create actions that allow us to promote different areas,

such as the well-being of the most vulnerable population, the rescue of traditions, the importance of intangible heritage and those values such as empathy and solidarity, that help us overcome the unfavorable conditions facing the community.

Through this strategic support, we try to publicize the different ways of collaborating and providing solutions to health, education, environment and development problems. With this vision, our programs are aimed at making each person see themselves as a transforming agent in their environment.

We want to transmit and position these positive ideals in all areas and contexts to facilitate the development of opportunities, of initiatives and social actions for the community, among which are mainly:

  • Analysis and territorial diagnosis and social life of Tequila through the seasons
  • Territorial strategic plan
  • Dissemination of the territory
  • Strengthening of alliances

Continuous Improvement

at Fundación Beckmann we have a quality policy, in which we are committed to developing sustainable projects and programs that contribute to raising the quality of life in the community, by complying with applicable requirements, efficiency, transparency of processes and continuous improvement of our quality management system, which allows us to be a trustworthy and transparent institution.

For the fourth consecutive year we achieved ISO 9001: 2015 certification and trained all our collaborators to adhere faithfully to their standards.

Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement


To us, sustainability is a long-term commitment that today is already part of our strategic supports. We consider it vital to leave a better planet for future generations and to plant in them the awareness of the care and respect that we must have towards resources, since they are limited.

We want the community to be able to meet its needs without sacrificing well-being in the not-too-distant future, that is, that we learn to use resources allowing nature to renew itself, not only in environmental terms, but also in economic and social terms.

We promote the participation of society to fight poverty and inequality, to assert the rights of all, to preserve the traditions of the region and achieve a healthy and permanent prosperity through time.

Reforestation campaigns 2019. Reforestation campaigns 2019.

Reforestation campaigns 2019.

Preventive and positive dissemination

We understand and assume our responsibility towards the Tequila community, which has allowed us to be part of their daily dynamics, be aware of their needs and seek together the best solutions.

Our mission at the communication level is to propose the approach, the methodologies and techniques, to follow up on current trends, not only in the community, but globally. Our work structure allows us to anticipate to implement strategies and processes that solve problems; that make us reach all the inhabitants, at all levels of the population.

We complement our communication strategy with the implementation of different dissemination tools, including our website, periodic printed and electronic newsletters and other design and communication pieces for our campaigns and initiatives.

  • 6 editions of printed bulletins
  • 95% of electronic newsletters delivered, more than 2,000 sent
  • More than 11,767 followers on Facebook
  • 152 social media posts, over 403,040 views
Support communication for the Tequila Mushroom Fair.

Support communication for the Tequila Mushroom Fair.

Printed Newsletter, internal communication tool.

Printed Newsletter, internal communication tool.