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Provide the most vulnerable population with tools that help them develop a full life; We work to promote healthy behaviors with criteria of equity, reduction of violence and poverty, physical and emotional well-being.

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Alejandra Gisela Castañeda Ramírez

We are not alone:

Brizeida Viridiana Castañeda Guzmán

Through the years we have managed to build a relationship of trust and respect with the people of Tequila, which allows us to come closer to listen to them, to know their needs and support them to get ahead in every possible way: physical, mental, emotional, legal and economic.

Furthermore, we are proud of what Tequila represents for the country and for the world, which is why we want to empower and honor people, because they are the heart of this town, they are the most important vehicle to a change. We work especially with the most vulnerable segments to contribute to personal development, the creation of support networks and the unification of families.

Jimador in agave fields.
Photography by Néstor Barrera.

Integral Model of Social Health

Each inhabitant, each person of Tequila, is welcome to go to the Beckmann Foundation to reach for support, we are here to serve and guide. Our actions focus mainly on those members of the community in the most vulnerable situations or with the most sensitive cases.

We want to restore the community by integrating all those who do not have opportunities or who have had disadvantages, either because of their gender, their age, or any condition that represents a risk factor, such as children, older adults or women. We seek equity in society and stability in family systems and on these fundamental principles we are generating a change in Tequila.

Integral Model of Social Health Integral Model of Social Health

Health is for everyone

This is one of the strategic lines that has evolved in 2019 to offer a better service to the Tequila population. The well-being of the community is a priority, in all meanings of this expression, which has motivated us to seek new routes, new support mechanisms, new approaches.

Today, we emphasize the issue of health as it is an essential part of the quality of life to which we aspire for the community. We not only ensure physical well-being, but also social integration and awareness of the environment and environmental issues we face.

We seek to have a greater scope and impact by carrying out health campaigns, with initiatives that return peace and hope to the low-income community, respecting the dignity of the people.

Working hands. Photography by Néstor Barrera. Working hands. Photography by Néstor Barrera.

Working hands. Photography by Néstor Barrera.

Trabajo en equipo

Alliances are the best way we have found to provide support to the community of Tequila. We seek to weave support networks not only with the community itself, but with the main institutions and organizations on the subject of health

Red Cross

Red CrossWe are deeply grateful to the Red Cross that has supported us with medical advice, with specialists and with unconditional support for our campaigns. It is a sum of efforts that directly benefits the population.

Civil Hospitals

Hospitales CivilesSimilarly, we have had the Guadalajara Civil Hospitals, through the social work area, where special cases of the inhabitants of Tequila are evaluated and channeled, joining our resources to complement the services that are required.

Autonomous University of Guadalajara (Uag)

UAGWe have the participation of UAG medical students as invaluable support in caring for the population during the health campaigns held in Tequila twice a year. These initiatives are carried out with the purpose of bringing health services closer to the most vulnerable population, in which they receive information and treatments for various health conditions.

Representatives of the Tequila City Council, Beckmann Foundation, Health Sector and Red Cross. Representatives of the Tequila City Council, Beckmann Foundation, Health Sector and Red Cross.

Representatives of the Tequila City Council, Beckmann Foundation, Health Sector and Red Cross.

Liaison Offices

Over the years we have consolidated institutional relationships that are essential to meet the needs of the population, which has led us to establish official cooperation agreements that allow us to unify efforts to prevent and correct risk situations.

Through the alliance with the Beckman Foundation, these institutions currently have a physical office and representatives in Tequila, that allows personalized and immediate attention for all those who are in a critical situation or require professional follow-up.

Nuevas oficinasde enlace
Nuevas oficinasde enlace

Support Unit for Women

One of the liaison offices installed installed in Tequila through the Beckmann Foundation is the Support Unit for Women (UAM), we mainly attend cases of domestic violence in which we guide, through psychological, legal and social work care, those women who come looking for help and who have placed their trust in us.

Orientation and referral to other institutions
  • 228 men
  • 584 women
Total users attended (accumulated recurring)
  • 1,929 people

Hours of service

Services offered



Psychological attention


Legal Advice


Social orientation

Social work





People in therapy



Discharged people



People who withdrawn from the service



New members



People who were referred to other institutions


Total users served



Interdisciplianry Team activities



Summer course for children of the Tequila community in support of CE Mujer



Participation in Casa Cuervo's health week


Total attendeess


Vida y Familia A.C.

Vida y Familia A.C. (Vifac)

Teen pregnancy cases are a concern for the community, especially those mothers who do not have a support network to cope in critical conditions. Through the program of this office, counseling and psychological and medical support are provided to women, and they are supported with training, so that they can have a trade that allows them to work and have an economic income to support their baby.





Guidelines on services offered by Vifac



Supports for echo


Glucose study


Urine analysis


Transfer to Vifac house



Workshop name
(Telesecundaria in Santa Teresa)



Team integration



Life proyect



Affectivity and sexuality



Sex education / Knowing to love



Sxuality (2 sessions)



Hw to deal with difficult people



Total attendees



National Association of Personal Development (ANSPAC)

It is an association of women, originated in Monterrey, with the purpose of promoting and reinforcing family values and human development. In Tequila, there is also a group of women from the different neighborhoods, who prepare and replicate their training with their neighbors and offer talks with the intention of positively impacting the entire family nucleus and therefore generating social change.

  • 44 leaders
  • 208 graduates
  • 1,810 workshop and activity attendees
ANSPAC representatives in Tequila. ANSPAC representatives in Tequila.

ANSPAC representatives in Tequila.

Vulnerable population

At Fundación Beckmann we make an additional effort for all those Tequila residents who are exposed to exclusion, poverty, inequality or violence.

Through this support program we watch over and work to reincorporate them to the growth of the community or protect them from the risk situations in which they find themselves, mainly children, elders, women or people with disabilities; but we are also here to support all those Tequilenses who need accompaniment, a helping hand or a new opportunity.

Children of the Christmas gift program ”Sponsor a child”. Children of the Christmas gift program ”Sponsor a child”.

Children of the Christmas gift program ”Sponsor a child”.

Alejandra Gisela Castañeda Ramírez Together it is posible

Alejandra Castañeda, using the prosthesis provided by the Tec de Monterrey.

Alejandra is a brave young woman of 20 who approached the Beckmann Foundation looking for support for a thrombosis condition in one of his legs. Like many of the families in Tequila, they could not afford the studies and medications that this implied.

One of the many advantages that the Foundation offers are the important alliances that we maintain with other institutions; in the case of Alejandra, communication with the specialists from Tec de Monterrey was essential, since it was not only possible to support her with the required treatments, but due to her special case, was benefited by a Community Technologies program and attended by Proactible, in conjunction with the Tequila DIF, to be granted a prosthesis of the latest technology, which was essential to face their situation and continue with a better quality of life.

At Fundación Beckmann we face stories like Alejandra's as part of our daily work, we listen to the needs and we seek by all means to find the resources to offer the best solution and support. One by one we are solving the cases that are presented to us to reincorporate people into society, to participate actively and to become transforming agents.

Caring for our community

The emerging supports initiative initiative is focused primarily on medical needs, some of them critical. We study each case that comes to us, we apply a socioeconomic study and we analyze the help that is required in collaboration with specialists.

The benefits offered range from medical consultations and the application of vaccines, to economic and in-kind donations. Additionally, we provide advice, seek alternatives through the Foundation's alliances and accompany people in the process, especially those who do not have a family support network.


  • 21 people benefited
  • 2 institutions
  • 4 special supports
Medical Emerging Supports
Medical Emerging Supports
Medical Emerging Supports

Health Campaigns

Again working hand in hand, to make a difference in the life of the population, within the framework of the health weeks: "Health for all", We have the support of different institutions without which these actions would not be possible: Fundación Tía, Hospital Mi Gran Esperanza, students and teachers from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Tequila City Council, optical Iris, Municipal Medical Services, Health Sector, and DIF Tequila.

The services provided within the conference were: general medicine, ophthalmology, nutrition, psychology, physical rehabilitation, dentistry, gynecology and pediatrics, which were being offered at a time of 9:00 a.m. at 7:00 pm, serving the most vulnerable population in the municipal seat, which has 42,000 inhabitants, the majority being people who do not have access to other types of medical services.

Thanks to the Tía Foundation, training was also carried out for health promoters from different communities in the Sierra de Tequila.

In addition, talks were held on nutrition issues for the Tequila communities.

  • 1,357 people served, the majority being women
  • 45 promoters trained
  • 147 talk attendees
2019 Health Campaigns

2019 Health Campaigns

Preserving Memory

The nursing home “Agustín Velázquez Medina A.C.” It is a space focused on the care and attention of older Tequila adults who do not have a support network.

The main objective is their physical and mental well-being, offering them a respectful environment where they can feel safe together with other older adults and the specialized personnel that take care of them. Our priority is to offer them a better quality of life, helping them maintain emotional stability, attend to their physical and social health, in a family environment that they can feel like their home.

Monthly support:
  • Foods
  • Medicines
  • Maintenance
Older adults:
  • 14 total
  • 6 men
  • 8 women
“Agustín Velázquez Medina A.C.” nursing home

“Agustín Velázquez Medina A.C.” nursing home

Sponsor a child and adopt an elder

In an effort to bring a little Christmas joy to our children and the elderly in neediest conditions, each year we invite employees, friends and providers of the Beckmann Foundation, to join the initiative to sponsor a child and adopt a grandfather with a gift.

The response of this call is always positive and the great result is the smiles of all the beneficiaries when they receive toys or, in the case of the elderly, what they asked for through a letter.

Gifts delivered

Beneficiaries / Community


Children of the El Olvido, El Cobano and Atemanica communities of the sierra


Nursing home of tequila jalisco

204 gifts delivered

“Sponsor a child” 2019, event.

“Sponsor a child” 2019, event.

Christmas party at “Agustín Velázquez Medina A.C.” nursing home.

Christmas party at “Agustín Velázquez Medina A.C.” nursing home.

Strengthening the social fabric

The reality that we face day by day in Tequila requires us to analyze the problems that have arisen, their causes and offer possible solutions. We have a responsibility to rethink how we are building our society so that we can focus on root needs.

The breakdown of family and community structures compel us to focus on restoring personal and social capacities, to recognize the values that are weakening, such as solidarity or the protection of basic rights, in order to strengthen them.

This program has the purpose of protecting the population groups that require care and attention because they are in a vulnerable condition, such as children, adolescents, women, and older adults.

Coa, traditional tool of the jimadores. Photography by Néstor Barrera.

Coa, traditional tool of the jimadores. Photography by Néstor Barrera.

Tequila faces.
Photography by Néstor Barrera.

Tribute to the Golden Years

As every year, a tribute was held held to the elderly of the Tequila community. On this occasion it was celebrated with a great Mexican popular festival, which made them transport to their youth, to enjoy the night between memories and magic, with the presentation of the Crooners Duet.

It was a very special night in which we honored three members of our community who fill us with pride. Mr. Gilberto Vargas Mendoza, for his legacy as a bartender in Tequila; Mrs. Venancia Herrera, for her gastronomic contribution to all Tequilenses; and to Mr. Jorge Rivera Gándara, for his beautiful contribution of poetry, songs and literature.

  • 300 attendees
  • 3 adults from the community honored
Tribute to the Golden Years, 2019.

Tribute to the Golden Years, 2019.

Tribute to the Golden Years, 2019.

Tribute to the Golden Years, 2019.

Commemoration of International Women's Day

In 1975 the United Nations Organization formalized International Women's Day throughout the world, to commemorate the fight of women for equality, the recognition and effective exercise of their rights.

In 2019, our initiative to highlight this important date was the screening of the film Mona Lisa Smile, accompanied by a motivational talk with coffee on the topic What is your smile? open to all Tequila women who would like to participate.

  • 1 film screening
  • 1 talk with coffee
  • 62 attendees
Poster of the 2019 event to commemorate International Women

Poster of the 2019 event to commemorate International Women's Day.

Mantaining traditions: homage to the Dancers of the Holy Cross

On the 3rd of May in Tequila, Jalisco, , the Holy Cross is celebrated. It is a very special day for being a tradition considered intangible heritage of humanity, inherited by generations in different neighborhoods.

For several days, devout contingents are integrated, who founded their dances and organized sones to honor such an important religious symbol. This is how tradition is revived year after year, a latent history between sounds and colors that allows Tequila's life to come alive with its roots.

Fundación Beckmann has joined for 5 decades, to help keep the tradition of Tequila families alive. In 2019 we held a photographic exhibition as a tribute to these men and women who keep a tradition alive, which is born to stay.

Within the framework of this important celebration, the following activities were offered:
  • 1 documentary "Day of the Holy Cross"
  • 1 photographic exhibition
  • 1 Dance presentation "Blue Gold"
  • 100 attendees on tours of the Cultural Center
  • 2 groups of art workshop on crosses for children
  • 50 participating children
Homenaje Santa Cruz

2019 homage to the dancers of the Holy Cross.

Mantaining traditions: homage to the Dancers of the Holy Cross.

Brizeida Viridiana Castañeda Guzmán No estamos solos

Brizeida Viridiana with her baby.

Thhrough the Beckmann Foundation we have the possibility of transforming the lives of the people of Tequila, help them build a new story for themselves and their families. It motivates us to keep going when we manage to make huge differences.

One of these inspiring cases is Brizeida Viridiana, who approached the Foundation with the hope of finding support to pay for a reactive iodine treatment to combat her cancer diagnosis.

The result was not only the support that was provided, but thanks to the timely response, the expected baby reached term and was born healthy against all the doctors' forecasts.

Support ecosystems

According to the most recent communication from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), "Ecosystem services are the multitude of benefits that nature provides to society. Biodiversity is the diversity among living organisms, which is essential to ecosystems function and services delivery".

At Beckmann Foundation we closely follow the trends set by international environmental organizations and work to raise awareness about the importance of their care among the residents of Tequila.

This program is a response of our aim to align ourselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, creating initiatives to transmit that immediate action is essential for the protection of our natural resources and therefore, of our heritage.

Tequila Biodiversity.

Tequila Biodiversity.

Tequila Biodiversity.

Tequila Biodiversity.

Escuelas Verdes

Reforestation Campaigns

In 2019 the Green Schools reforestation campaign was implemented, creating a better world within the schools of the Tequila community and in some Jose Cuervo facilities.

The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness and sensitize the community about the importance of caring for the environment, to minimize the effects of climate change caused by deforestation and pollution. In order to fulfill all these actions we have the support of the Atizcoa Nursery, which preserves and cares for the endemic species of the Tequila region.




Planted and adopted trees




Erviro Rafael Salazar Alcázar School (ERSA)




Luis Navarro School




Special School CAM 37 "Mercedes Hernández De Orendain"




Emiliano Zapata School





Edisa Plant Perimeter (Cuervo House)




La Laja

"Colegio de Bachilleres" of the state of Jalisco, plantel 14 and Camichines Plant (Casa Cuervo)



Total trees



Reforestation CAM students, 2019.

Reforestation CAM students, 2019.

Reforestation ERSA, 2019.

Reforestation ERSA, 2019.

Social Health Indicators Summary

Social Health Indicators Summary Social Health Indicators Summary