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Train young people in different disciplines, to cultivate the spirit, as an element of social protection through art, so that they have the facility to express their feelings and emotions.

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Ópera Studio Beckmann

Love for music

Benito Rodríguez

Tequila, naturally, has a vocation that dates back generations and is a hotbed for musicians, painters and artists, that have transcended professionaly. Beckmann Foundation, through its programs, joins with a permanent commitment, so that this impulse expands not only in the territory, but in the world.

Our goal is to train children and young people from Tequila in different artistic disciplines, so that culture become a factor of social protection, of sensitization to the environment, of integral conscience, so that their wisdom and spiritual aspects can grow.

We want to transform Tequila into a destination that is synonymous with culture; to become a magical town where visitors come to enjoy shows and exhibitions of international quality.

Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center, in Tequila.

Integral Model of Culture

The comprehensive culture model has been developed and adapted over the years according to the needs of the Tequila community, but, above all, to bring our people the best opportunities for artistic professionalization and reach their full potential.

Our programs and initiatives are mainly aimed at children and young people, and at anyone from Tequila with artistic concerns can have access to the training we provide.

The Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center, the Beckmann Foundation Music School, the Tequila School of Arts and the Opera Studio Beckmann were dreams for this community and today, thanks to the Foundation and the Beckmann Family, they are a reality. Important investments have been made to create these spaces, with the purpose of turning Tequila into a unique, vibrant cultural center that represents the spirit of Mexicanness and the creative feeling of our country.

Integral Model of Culture Integral Model of Culture

Change through art

Our culture strategy is to open learning and awareness spaces for the entire community of Tequila, bring the best programs and instructors in the world, to professionalize all those who have an interest and with a creative profile.

We are promoting the arts at all levels, providing the best shows and exhibitions to inspire all visitors and the entire community.

At Tequila we have discovered great artistic potential that has been passed down through generations, we are working to preserve our history and traditions, to promote talent, so that it becomes a legacy, that changes Mexico and amazes the world.

Exhibition at the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center. Exhibition at the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center.

Exhibition at the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center.


Year after year we seek to strengthen the alliances that we have created with important institutions at national and international level, with which we work together to implement new and better training programs for the community.

Through these networks we are able to offer world-class exhibitions, residences and exchanges for artists and strengthen the cultural experiences of the community and visitors.

More and more organizations in the country are joining this cause and to whom we thank for the support they give us year after year, such as the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco, the Government of Zapopan, the University of Colima, the University of Morelia and the Tec de Monterrey, among others.

But we have also achieved a prestige that has earned us the trust of international institutions such as the Julliard Opera Center and Covent Garden of the Royal Opera House in London, whose teachers have accompanied us on numerous occasions to promote the artistic growth of our students.

Bonding institutions Bonding institutions
Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo
Exhibition room.

Exhibition room.

Manuel Felguérez at the CCJBG.

Manuel Felguérez at the CCJBG.

Souvenir shop.

Souvenir shop.

Visit of the Kindergarten No. 86, Miguel Andalón Álvarez. Visit of the Kindergarten No. 86, Miguel Andalón Álvarez.

Visit of the Kindergarten No. 86, Miguel Andalón Álvarez.

Promotion of art and culture

The architecture of the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center stands imposing just a few blocks from the historic center, giving Tequila an icon for visitors and a source of pride and admiration.

Inside, in addition to its 6 exhibition rooms, there are now conferences, classes and workshops on all kinds of topics such as chess, cooking, chopped paper, cardboard or urban gardens, that have turned it into an obligatory meeting point, where art, culture and the rescue of traditions are promoted.

The bonding plan during 2019 focused on conducting a reconnaissance of the territory, as well as starting a process of rapprochement and linkage with the following axes: training and recreation for the student community of Tequila and collaborators; friends of the CCJBG with the different social actors and the artistic and cultural community; local, national and international projection.

  • 6 exhibition rooms
  • 1 cafeteria
  • 1 store
  • 25,814 annual visitors
Escuela de Música de Tequila

Tequila Talents

The Tequila Music School of the Beckmann Foundation, under the general direction of the tenor Benito Rodríguez, former student of the Foundation Choir, seeks to consolidate an initiative that is more than 14 years old, which consists of providing academic support to children, youth and the community of Tequila and surrounding municipalities free of charge.

We have the support of 16 teachers specialized in teaching various instruments that support the curriculum to graduate as Music Performing Technicians, which includes the students successfully completing the hours of study of the chosen instrument, in addition to the disciplines that make up the common core of the curriculum: musical appreciation, theory and technique.

Under the direction of teacher Alfonso, the participants of the school have developed a program of community meetings and artistic outreach for the Tequila community and its surroundings, with free concerts in the town's public square, the church, as well as visits to nursing homes and vulnerable populations.

  • 463 students
  • 16 teachers
  • 20 classes
  • 32 workshops
  • 1 flute master class (teacher Victoria Polti from Argentina)
Escuela de Música

Recital of the Beckmann Foundation School of Music.

Opera Studio Beckmann From Tequila to the World

One of the great triumphs that the Opera Studio Beckmann has reaped is the possibility of making international study tours. This opportunity to have the experience of studying and living with musicians in other countries has only been possible thanks to the support of the Foundation.

In October 2019, a delegation of 5 members of the Opera Studio Beckmann traveled to Ireland in order to participate in the International Choir Festival. On this occasion, in addition to their participation in the festival, they were able to study with one of the best choir directors in the world, Donald Doherty, from the Royal Opera House in London.

Upon returning, the students brought with them what they learned, what they saw and now they can share it and transmit it to the community. This is an occasion to celebrate and admire, for other Tequilenses to be inspired and work together to build new futures, some that they probably have not even imagined.

Members of the Opera Studio Beckmann in Ireland.

Sing and dream

The Beckmann Foundation Choir is part of the School of Music and was one of the first initiatives to establish itself, upon artistic and cultural subjects. The most beautiful voices of Tequila come together to fill us with pride and transform, with their talent, effort and dedication, the heart of this town.

Here important representatives of music have been formed, who today are important personalities at the national level, such as the tenors Benito Rodríguez and Sergio Darío González and the soprano Ariadna Rosales, who began their careers in a convocation of the choir, and thanks to the support of the Foundation managed to professionalize and make their dreams come true.

  • 39 members (14 men and 25 women)
  • 6 types of classes
  • 15 different events
Choir of the Beckmann Foundation. Choir of the Beckmann Foundation.

Choir of the Beckmann Foundation.

Opera Studio Beckmann

Growth in music

The Opera Studio Beckmann is another of the specialized programs of the Music School, to respond to the need for training and growth of the great talent found in Tequila and because we believe that music generates great changes in our lives.

In 2019 it had a varied program, where one of the most outstanding functions was the presentation of La Bohème, at the Santander Center of the Arts in Zapopan, with the participation of Benito Rodríguez as the main voice and a varied national cast, under the stage direction of representatives of the New York Metropolitan Opera.

  • 15 members
  • 9 national and international teachers
Essays of the Opera Studio Beckmann.

Essays of the Opera Studio Beckmann.

Benito Rodríguez Love for music

Benito Rodríguez.

Originally from Guadalajara, he began his career in 2010 in the Beckmann Foundation choir, in Tequila, and with whose support he has had both in his training stage and until today. Since then, he has captivated with his voice in many important places in the world such as the United States, Canada, Israel, England, Italy, France, Dubai and Austria, among others. His talent has led him to achieve important successes such as the concert he offered this year for the United Nations.

These acomplishments represent a great inspiration for the people of Tequila —and throughout Mexico— being a clear example of work and dedication for all those who have dreams and aspirations of excellence.

Benito Rodríguez's outstanding personal development represents a great local impact for our community, not only because they can follow in his footsteps, but because throughout his career he has always shared his knowledge with those who are learning; has put Tequila in the spotlight again, not only because of the drink and talent here, but above all, because he is infecting his love for music, to make it closer to everyone.

Tequila Festival and Academy

The impressive Festival and Academy of Tequila 2019 was held on September 28th and 29th at the Jose Cuervo Forum facilities in Tequila.

Saturday was a great night, in which we enjoyed the concert of the Spanish director, tenor and actor Manuel Zapata, who has completely broken with all stereotypes and has become one of the most important figures in music worldwide, since with his innovative presentations he seeks to bring classical music closer to all people. To the delight of the audience, this time he shared the stage with the Zapopan Symphony Orchestra.

On Sunday, we experienced the excitement and pride of living the talent of the Tequila Choir and the Opera Studio Beckmann together, showing everything they´ve learned during a year, accompanied by the great Mariachi Nuevo de Tecatitlán, one of the best in the world, in an unforgettable and spectacular gala.

  • 959 attendees in two days of events.
Poster for the Tequila Cultural Festival.

Poster for the Tequila Cultural Festival.

Tequila Arts School

The cultural and educational development program offers to the Tequila community quality training in various artistic disciplines, with the aim of promoting the growth of local talents and improving personal and professional opportunities for students.

This program has been operating for more than 10 years, also supporting the objective of influencing and collaborating in the construction of a cultural touristic destination of the highest level in the Magical Town of Tequila, organizing and promoting a world-class cultural offer, through exhibitions, academies, master classes and presentations in which local youth always participate as creators, guided by teachers and artists from Mexico and the world.

The Tequila School of Arts project is preceded by the success story of the Tequila Music School and the Beckmann Foundation Choir, in which hundreds of young people and adults have benefited not only in the improvement of their artistic skills, but also in the development of socio-emotional and professional skills, which have made them leaders in their community, by receiving quality education in artistic and musical matters.

Therefore, this 2019 the pilot launch project of the Tequila School of Arts was carried out,replicating the experience of offering a quality arts education to the community focused on the areas of literature, fine arts, design and popular art.

  • 800 participants (70% women, 30% men)
  • Ages from 8 to 65 years
  • 2000 people indirectly benefited
  • 1 conference
  • 5 guided visits to exhibitions
  • 1 visual arts workshop
  • 2 textile arts workshops
  • 2 literary workshops
Tequila Arts School Workshops.

Tequila Arts School Workshops.

Culture Indicators Summary

Culture Indicators Summary Culture Indicators Summary